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My Bitcoin address: 12xpePzAGeJP68Fe6wfLrRgLwDmEWsYgHy
My Litecoin address: LcDrH5hqtk4QuiXW7NT4hcj1dzugvPYRQd
My Ethereum address: 964a9ba802e6b6f2ac0b937900d0311cd6064c4d
My Zcash address: t1XMb8KcDC7TkN9LH1vQSwMfZVoaY1KexYm
I created a overview of all vim digraphs.
Updated youtube tool, such that comments work again.
Created a tool for exporting most info from magister, the school info system.
Added a free form expression evaluator to bitcoin explainer..
With erdgeist, released cronodump, a tool for exporting cronos databases.
I calculated some statistics on phonenumber patterns in the Netherlands, from the phone numbers found in the '533M' facebook leak, see this google sheet.
I created a set of javascript powered pages trying to explain some of the details of elliptic curves, and bitcoin transactions.
Created two covid related pages: How long until everyone is vaccinated, and the current state of infections in the Netherlands.
A detailed explanation of how bitcoin transactions are encoded, and how signatures are calculated.
My submission to Matt Parker's MPMP19 - about sums of prime powers: https://github.com/nlitsme/mpmp19_solver
My submission to Matt Parker's marching band problem.
My submission to Matt Parker's triangle puzzle: mpmp9-animation
A tool for extracting subtitles and comments from youtube video's: https://github.com/nlitsme/youtube_tool
My submission to Matt Parker's distancing puzzle: https://github.com/nlitsme/mpmp7_solver
A small C++ wrapper to make running arduino code in your regular desktop IDE debugger: https://github.com/nlitsme/arduino-simulator
Update to my gnu 'bc' patch, now with more features, better hex support, and on github: https://github.com/nlitsme/gnubc.
Following the UK brexit soap opera, i created a page showing the difference between the two versions of the Yellowhammer document.
A tool for listing and extracting files from SquashFS4 images: SquashFSDumper
A tool for analyzing and decrypting apple encrypted diskimages: encrypteddmg
Many improvements to my findstr tool, improved hexpattern syntax. multiple search algorithms, support both searching sequential file i/o and memory mapped files.
transpose, a tool for rotating, flipping, transposing textual data in various ways. it can also do rotations by 45 degrees.
I repaired my old (1978) TI59 PC100A printer, and found some schematics in an old computer magazine: now here on github. I donated the scans to rskey.org: more info here
Some improvements for the opensource firmware for the chines/ebay b3603 adjustable powersupply : b3603
Teaching my kids how to solve rubik's cube, i wrote this instruction page, also available as pdf
A tool for downloading all data from a mediawiki site: wikiexport
Re-releasing a tool for extracting files from Linux EXTFS filesystems: extfstools
Re-releasing a very old perl project, investigating Apple's HFS filesystem: hfstools
A tool for investigating FAT images: fatutils.
A tool for querying github from the commandline: githubtool
Releasing my IDA database reader libraries, One in C++, and one in Python.
Re-releasing my windows-ce registry hive decoder/encoder
Re-releasing my windows-ce romeditting tool
Investigating the AVR / Atmel instructionset
2013 .. 2017-05-04
Investigating IDA's idc script internals
tool for finding expressions for numberphile's 10958 problem.
Script for interacting with a plesk file manager web interface from the commandline
Added variadic template based printf style string formatting library, argparse library, and utf-X conversion library
Script UBIFS flash filesystems, a firmware format used by quectel
tool for extracting the samsung cellebrite bootloaders
A hexdumper using c++ iostreams
Released a tool i wrote for investigating how PDF files are encrypted: pyPdfCrack
Extending PyCrypto with custom ciphers
Benchmarking some python crypto libraries
PDF Certificate Encryption - how exactly does it work, and how to crack it.
Adding custom ciphers to pyCrypto
Experimenting with CRCs implemented using polynomial groups
pytorrify - easily add TOR support to your python scripts.
GeometricShapes - how to calculate coordinates of platonic n-dim shapes.
pointenumerator - how to enumerate points in an infinite plane.
zipdump - list zipfile content - without downloading entire file.
iphonetools - tool for unpacking ios beta firmware packages
vimdecrypt - tool for decrypting the various vim encryption modes.
xpcap - a python script for hexdumping tcp/udp payloads.
xpcapperl - a perl script for hexdumping tcp/udp payloads.
bcutils - bitcoin address calculations
theorizing about keyexchange algorithms
osx 10.11 problems - problems i encountered when starting to use OSX 10.11.
Strange url in iOS CaptiveNetworkSupport binary
ECDSA calculations
idapython enumerators
idaperl - perl scripting for IDA.
idcinternals - investigate how IDC scripts are compiled into bytecode.
some notes on the htc mondrian wm7 rom posted to xdadev some time ago.
some idc scripts i wrote some time ago to help reverse engineering the windows ce kernel and windows ce bootloaders.
the first finds all systemcall API declerations in the kernel, and names all methods found. the second processes the romhdr info found in the xip block containing the bootloader.
updated itsutils:
  • great speed improvement
  • automatic certificate extraction and uploading from the dll
  • 2009-05-11
    overview of my gsm baseband/app ipc logging tools
    exesignature - script to verify the exe checksum + signature, showing how microsoft's authenticode signatures are encoded.
    yydecode - script which attempts to decode yacc/lex parsing tables, not yet finished, but from the .dot output you can already read the results. still need to add a tree walker to output the results.
    readgit - script showing how all the git data files are encoded.
    editimgfs - script to add/rename/delete files from a wm2005 imgfs rom filesystem.
    winresdumper - script to extract all windows resources from large amounts of files, very useful if you want to know in what dll a specific bitmap is located.
    • stackdumper - a tool to add stackdumps to the windows ce kernel log for each exception, and log several useful kernel api calls
    • phandle - a tool to print information about all open handles on windows ce
    decodesms - script to decode most common sms pdu's
    xml2pl - script to convert macosx .plist xml files to more readable perl format
    parsegsmv2.pl - a script to split qualcomm radio roms in bootloaders + elf binary
    our second son, filip hengeveld, was born, see this blog post
    updated idaperl plugin: fixed many bugs, added options, like autorun.
    my idcperl plugin works, now you can run perl code from IDA
    improved my way of interfacing with ril, now dynamically keeping track of outstanding requests. wrote a demo app to dump the contents of all sim files.
    made the boost 1.35.0 thread library build for windows ce: boost-135-wince.patch
    created a asynchronous simulation of doing 'ril' requests, and serving those requests. based on the boost thread library, and condition variables.
    jan at fosdem

    (picture from heise.de)
    i've been way too busy to update this page the last year, here is a summary of what i've been working on:
    • pdocread got a '-u' option to specify a tffs unlock password, and writing partial, or data that is not a round nr of sectors works now. added '-S' to specify partition SIGN, useful for htc-elf and later devices. added '-W' option to specify unlock flag for some htc devices.
    • pdir, pmkdir, pput, pget, prun, pdel, now support "%CSIDL_STARTUP%" type path names, see 'pdir -l' for a list
    • pmemdump and dump '-c' / raw output now outputs binary correct data, so you can use it in redirections without losing data.
    • many small improvements in pmemdump and pmemmap, to be more consistant, and faster, and 'do what i mean'.
    • psetmem '-l' option can load a file's contents to memory '-z' now zeroes a memory area.
    • pcontacts is an unfinished tool to manipulate wm2005 contacts
    • prapi got '-m' to edit metabase entries
    • prapi '-q' and '-d' now work with all data types
    • pps now can display the absolute cpu time used.
    • 'dump' now uses openssl to calculate hashes, adding sha256+sha512 support also '-sum' and '-h' now write all sum/crcs, or hashes.
    • 'dump' now also builds as a macosx or linux tool.
    • 'pdir' now also builds as a macosx tool, using missingsync.
    • pdir -v now lists file attributes
    • pdir and pput now can handle unicode filenames.
    • ppostmsg '-t' now controls tracing of windows messages to specified windows. output is to 'itsutils.log' on the device. added many window functions, like - -show, - -hide, etc.
    • tried and rejected experiment to use -fshort-wchar, using my own 'WCHAR' on non-windows platforms as a UTF16 container.
    • all itsutils now use proper utf8<->utf16 conversion routines, MultiByte/WideChar functions on windows, and iconv on linux/macosx
    • created device logger: logdev.cpp, which can sit in front of a device driver, and provide a framework to log all data going in/out of a devicedriver.
    • loadflashdrv to read the rom on the htc kaiser, and htc niki
    • tstnot - tool to experiment with windows ce notification bubbles
    • switched from vs2003 to vs2005 compiler
    • genshapes2.pl now generates all 3d solids, but not yet 5+D octaeders, and the 4D solids
    • peinfo now understands strange PE header constructs, often used in viruses
    • rapiudp.pl decodes several more activesync packets
    • add and transpose now use same separator as used in the input data.
    • fatinfo.pl now correctly handles 'reservedsectors' and now understands sectorsizes != 512
    • google.pl - script to do commandline queries of google
    • asn1dump.pl - script to dump asn1 files without needing openssl
    • made dumpptable and dumpbootsec more usable
    • hexedit '-pb' option now supports more ways of specifying the byte list.
    • findstr '-x' understands more types of 'byte list'
    • genmp.pl: experiment with very deeply nested mime encoded mails to see how the various email services handle this.
    • gvim.sh: updated macosx gvim wrapper script, such that it supports piping data through the gui-vim.
    • as-dev.pl: script simulating a windows ce device connecting to activesync.
    • lsq - leastsquares solver now prints correct errors, only solvable results are printed
    • parsesdp.pl - script to parse bluetooth SDP records.
    • platonic.rb - script to create platonic solids for google sketchup
    • ida scripts:
      • addstrcmt : adds comments for all strings referenced
      • fixobjc : helper for disassembling objective c code
      • kernel-structs.idc: helper for disassembling windows ce kernels
      • xipstructs.idc: helper for disasembling bootloaders with 'xip' type headers. ( with the 'ECEC' header )
    • scriptcmds - show how to extend the ida idc scripting language
    • updated ida dbdump to dump compiled idc code for ida4.7 - 5.2
    my cdecl patch got included in the official Win32-API version on cpan
    a summary of available symbian sdk's
    after viewing a talk by Tomasz Rybak on analyzing the ccc-sputnik data of 2006, i tried myself here are my results.
    i wrote up a little summary of reading the various disk-on-chip roms on htc devices using pdocread.
    jan with his latest toy
    my son jan with his latest toy
    pdir, pmkdir, pget, pput and prun now support device language independent, %CSIDL_STARTUP% style paths.
    updated my IDA idc script collection.
  • added fixframe.idc, which changes the numbering of ARM stack arguments from arg_0, arg_4 to farg4, farg5, ... ( since farg0 .. farg3 are in R0 .. R3)
  • fixframe also tries to determine how much stack is allocated for passing stack parameters to subroutines. and renames those to arg4, arg5, ...
  • added findrel.idc, which contains functions which search for PC relative references to the current address. for ARM and x86 cpu's
    this is nice when you have a very large file, which is too much work to disassemble completely, and just want to find the interesting pieces
  • in hotkeys.idc: exchange instruction has been changed in a 'rotate order of selection up or down'
  • in setdataofs.idc, improved 'setthis' function parsing, now automatically creates referenced struct members, and prefixes objmethods with the objectname.
  • 2007-03-21
    setting up an anonymous file transfer service using tor
    I started getting my self familiar with FPGA programming, using a xilins spartan3e starterkit. i wrote a script to decode xilinx vhdl files.
    patched windows cmd.exe such that filename completion result actually match the typed characters. this fixes the issue, that when you type the first few letters of a filename, and another file exists, but starting with a DOT, cmd.exe still thinks you must mean that one instead of the just typed characters. this happens often when you are editting files with VIM.
    added '-u' option to pdocwrite, to be able to unlock a password protected disk-on-chip
    peinfo.pl: made PE hdr parsing more correct, now looks at opthdrsize, no longer crashes on weird binaries.
    a little experiment with Parse::RecDescent and lambda expressions
    made pmemmap output more consistent.
    fixed several sectorsize related bugs in pdocread, and added a '-G' option to specify how much will be transferred over activesync in one chunk.
    this makes it now possible to read/write G4 type disk-on-chip devices.
    researched how modular exponentiation using montgomery reduction works. NOTE that this is by no means a finished project
    gsmcompress.sh, does the reverse from gsmsplit.sh, decode/encode BCL compressed gsm images
    released my firefox extension. a modified version of refspoof, diggler, cookiecrumbler and torbutton, packaged together. see this page
    2007-01-04  symboldecode, tool to make c++ template symbol names more readable
    2007-01-03  imagedmp  - tool to give very basic image format information
    2006-12-25  improved process/thread information retrieval for pps.exe
    2006-12-22  rillog  - improved old tstril app, now provides more detailed logging
    2006-12-02  bkondisk - tool to make backups of typhoon t3200, htc excalibur / htc oxygen
    2006-11-20  sdir  - symbian dir, lists files on a pcsuite connected nokia phone
    2006-11-10  bksamsungflash  - tool to make backups of typhoon t3040 / t920
    2006-10-19  tounicode.pl  : improved, now supports more types of encoding
    2006-10-19  setmem  : win32 tool to edit memory of running processes
    2006-10-11  dmphv.pl  script to dump .hv files
    2006-08-23  ppp.pl  : attempt to implement part of ppp in perl.
    2006-06-15  as.pl  script to simulate activesync, and demonstrate bug in early wm2005 versions
    2006-06-12  rapiudp.pl  script to do a protocol dump of activesync packets
    I found multivalend pdf tools very useful, it allows you to decompress the compressed postscript parts of a pdf file, so you can manually edit a .pdf file.
    I created a batch file named 'pdfdecompress.bat' with the following contents:
    @java -cp c:/local/bin/Multivalent20060102.jar  tool.pdf.Uncompress %*
    published research on a nedap ES2B votingcomputer.
    my wife sabine gave birth to our son jan :)
     ( still need to add links for these items ):
    	* phpbb random number generation
    	* eliptic curve stuff
    	* 2006-06-16 vim perl_xs extensions
    	* 2005-03-24 vbulletin problems
    	* 2005-11-18 snd patches
    	* 2005-04-19 windows codesigning details
    	* 2005-04-27 mtty binary patches
    	* 2005-12-31 activesync v4 analysis
    	* 2006-06-24 wm2005 pin vulnerability
    	* 2006-02-15 trac patches
    	* 2006-04-29 file db - perl cgi experiment
    	* 2006-04-23 xampp - easy to install win32 perl/apache/mysql environment
    	* 2006-06-21 script to convert phpwiki 2 mediawiki
    	* tool to talk to bootloader over usb
    	* ida bootloader disassembler script
    	* findseed / findchanges for cid block
    	* 2006-04-18 script for creating wallaby sdcards
    	* 2006-04-21 lsq - least squares fitter
    	* 2006-02-10 added win32 physmem dump support to memdump.exe
    	* investigating winxp memory
    	* idc script to find arm/thumb relative references
    	* write about wince version independent itsutils interface.
    	* apihook
    	* 2006-02-26 win32 version of postmsg.exe
    I found 2 nice firefox plugins. tor-button: which allows you to switch on / off tor with a single click in your browser, I modified it a little bit, such that it removes several identifying bits from your browser behaviour. and cookiecrumbler, which i modified a bit, such that it deletes all cookies related to the current site.
    I read an article with the interesting title 'Algorithms for Compressing Space and Time' in the DrDobbs Journal. it is about http://golly.sourceforge.net/, an implementation of 'life' which runs with exponentially increasing speed.
    had a quick look at the traveler slimline x5 digicam
    created tool to interact with the Skype API.
    did some research on im-clients to use with jabber. i settled on using miranda-im, with the history, and OTR plugins.
    added support for decompressing LZX compressed WM2005 roms to CompressUtils.
    added code to rdmsflsh.pl and dumpxip.pl to reconstruct executables and dll's from the module sections.
    updated peinfo.pl, to more correctly decode PE headers, and write a more readable output.
    improved pattern generation for findstr, now allows you to search for more complex patterns in binary files, and can list each match with hex offset.
    added '-m' switch to pps to list all modules currently loaded in your device.
    updated ppostmsg, tool to list windows, and send messages to windows on a wince device. now also supports symbolic message names.
    created several scripts to interact with mediawiki
    long time no update on the frontpage. lots of updates all the time everywhere though. see http://wiki.xda-developers.com, http://nah6.com/~itsme/cvs-xdadevtools.
    updated romtools, nbftools, tools ( itsutils ) and perlutils pages.
    just got back from What The Hack.
    created several scripts to automate some things on mediawiki. for instance: wiki-image-upload.pl
    created prapi, easy interface to the smartphone provisioning API.
    Working on desquirr now, checked several fixes into CVS.
    released xdadev_all_unlock, a tool to remove simlock from himalaya, magician, blueangel and alpine phones.
    created CompressUtils, an interface to several compression libraries used under windows-ce.
    created rdmsflsh.pl a script to analyze, and unpack the contents of WM2005 rom images.
    created NbfUtils to speed up typhoonnbfdecode, and other tools.
    wrote tiny rsa keygen + signature util, first version does bignum in C, second version uses dc only.
    rewrote pmemmap.exe, now it finds, and processes the pagetables, to find what memory areas are used in a wince device.
    all my wince tools now determine what platform they run on, and write logfiles to a location appropriate for that platform.
    in hotkeys.idc added code to swap 2 instructions in IDA, reallocating if nescesary, allowing you to reorder instructions.
    created patch for gnu-bc, adding support for hex calculations, and commandline expressions.
    been investigating IDA internals, wrote dbdump to disassemble compiled IDC scripts.
    overview of all microsoft sdk's for embedded development.
    notes about mozilla extensions
    released typhoonnbfdecode.pl, source - script to manipulate typhoon/sp3 smartphone update files.
    created wrapper scripts for cvs commands with more readable output: cvslog, cvsupd, cvsstat, cvsls.
    notes about smartphone-policies and smartphone-certificates
    moved my source archive to http://nah6.com/~itsme/cvs-xdadevtools.
    tffs-ioctls.txt is an overview of TrueFFS Iocontrols and the low level disk-on-chip functions that it uses.
    created pdocread, a tool to read from DiskOnChip TrueFFS partitions.
    created wprops, a tool to investigate problems caused by windows global atom corruption.
    updated pdblist, adding support for reading non-system database volumes.
    updated testpi.cpp, adding many more handle types.
    pmemdump can now read physical memory addresses.
    created script to collect statistics about dotnode.
    created update for the IDA arm module, with several improvements. Many of these improvements were incorporated in ida 4.70 by datarescue.
    created mp3tag - a script to do bulk edits of mp3 files.
    created Makefile, to build IDA arm module using gmake and vc.
    created parsecrash.pl - a script to analyze a ramdump of a running wince system, listing running processes.
    updated tstmodem, fixing lots of small bugs, and now compiles with evc4.
    created a script to download messages from yahoogroups, and a script to calculate statistics for the wolbonet group.
    created several scripts to do things with orkut.
    fixed itsutils.dll, such that it now works properly on smartphones.
    created tool to create FAT / extrom images from a set of files - makeextrom.pl
    created page and script to about flash swf file format.
    released ExtendedRomUnlocker - tool to make the Himalaya extended rom writable.
    wrote some notes about LCG random number sequence cracking
    added option to fatinfo.pl to generate repair-disk commands.
    pput now also accepts file contents from STDIN.
    added many hexdump formatting options to dump, pmemdump, and other tools that use 'bighexdump' to output hexdumps. currently only in cvs.
    been playing with mozilla extensions, adding url manipulation tools, and context menu items
    still busy figuring out how to record data.
    added hexedit perl script to do commandline patching of files.
    created script to investigate breedster
    added perl script to convert the sexchart to a graphviz dot file.
    created extended google search, adding 'before' and 'after' keywords
    created a large crossreference table of the contents of all cabs in all xda-ii/himalaya extended roms
    script sdtool.pl can manipulate xda-ii/himalaya sd card images.
    added pl2bat perl script to automatically convert all my useful perl scripts to windows batch files.
    added option to cabdump.pl to extract the contents of a cabfile.
    some notes about the SPV rom layout
    wrote perlscript to analyse the contents of a Windows CE ROM
    updated itsutils, tool to read/write sdcards can now also read/write to usb cardreaders, and list possible disk devices.
    Added links to most of the people I know on my personal page, also added a lot more info.
    updated xda2nbftool in xdaii update fileformats
    added note about sdcard writing to bootloader info
    updated description of romtools
    added list of debug tools to serial protocols
    added note about welcome.exe to coldboot info
    note about sdcards for the wallaby bootloader
    added layout of several databases to databse info
    tool to extract files and deleted files from fatfilesystem image: fatinfo.pl
    tool to print the contents of a binary cab-inf file cabdump.pl
    experimental tool to analyse open handles for wince: testpi
    experimental tool to insert a hook into a systemcall: hookapi
    overview of all systemcalls found in my xda-ii 1.60 wince4.20 rom
    itsutils.dll now works on non-phone edition pocketpc's too. ( like iPaq etc )
    itsutils.dll and pps now work for both CE4.20 and CE3.00
    pps can now also display detailed per thread information
    psynctime - tool to sync the clock of your ppc with your pc
    pdir - code cleaned up, supports wildcards.
    pmkdir - tool to create directory on ppc
    pput/pget were improved, to support multiple files/wildcards, and copy to stdout.
    tstril2 - tool to monitor various things via ril.dll
    preboot - tool to remotely reboot a ppc
    added collection of perl utilities to cvs
    pregutl - tool to manipulate your ppc registry
    misc xda registry tips
    some time ago, some anonymous person sent me this very interesting ril.h file, this seems to be the original microsoft version.
    many of my sources are now browsable on http://nah6.com/~itsme/cvs-xdadevtools/
    this is what my site looks like when viewed from saoudi arabia. ( an probably the rest of xs4all too )
    how the upgrade procudre for the xda-ii workds
    XDA-II bootloader commands
    note about diagnositc sd cardsfor the xda-I
    more details about wince boot
    memory maps of xda-ii gsm + ce + tool to dump/flash memory via tbootloader
    created a patch for cmd.exe to get rid of the annoying 'Terminate Batch job (Y/N)' message
    updated my tools and romtools
    a few quick notes on the xda-ii / i-mate
    added xda-ii rom versions to my versions page
    added the patch to alevt I used to decode teletext packets
    moved my download directory to here
    added sample code to dump kernel handle info here
    figured out how the wince admin policy password is stored here
    small program demonstrating the 'to-switch-or-not-to-switch' quizz problem
    new project: rilhook, an attempt to add functionality to an existing device driver.
    perl script to decode sms
    I created an index to the ril patent
    small note about cradle-disassembly.html
    script to unpack RSUpgrade.ca.CAB file
    added 'maximum gap' option to script to convert s-records
    note on how to create resource only dlls
    added list of RIL_DevSpecific functions to my ril page
    more memory ranges discoverd on the xda gsm
    update of OsImageTool.html
    added ril info page, about ril.dll and rilgsm.dll
    added xdagsm info page, about memory map of the xda gsm part
    updated itsutils ( collection of windows CE rapi tools ) to include reading/writing of sd cards via your xda, flashing bootloader without the need for an sd card, flashing a new bootup bitmap, without the need to reflash the entire rom.
    added batchfile version of splitrom
    added OsImageTool to copy ROM images to and from nb1, nbf, bin files, sdcards attached to your local machine, sdcards attached to your windows CE device, and windows CE ROM.
    I will be at the CCC from wednesday. my WikiPage
    updated romtools to also create 2003 roms
    wrote script to automatically take part in the wetenschapskwis
    added script to convert easy archive databases back to index files + images
    updated splitrom.pl script, used to edit wince rom images. now recognizes known roms, and allows merging of files.
    added script to convert between various xda flash file formats
    added script to extract binaries from motorola s-record files
    added adaptrom, tool to fix nbf checksums
    updated xda rom versions page
    started page with xda rom version information
    updated wince tools
    made page describing what object files are included in the wince3.17 kernel
    currently I am mostly working on xda with some help of ida
    redid part of this page.
    wrote howto crack zip passwords. specifically how to find known plaintext.
    some IDC script I wrote for IDA
    put online here several scripts I use to automatically interact with various sites.
    some notes on fixedpoint arithmetic
    some perl utilities I wrote to do handy things.
    also some tools to remotely do stuff on your wince device.
    some gcc tools to aid profiling ARM code.
    fix in girotel perl script.
    calculated how close the dutch political parties are according to the kieswijzer.
    needed some info on geometric functions, so wrote it down.
    did some experimenting with forth/postscript programming here.
    how to solve rubik's cube here. I bought a couple of new ones, the 5x5x5 professors cube, the megaminx and ... ( forgot name ).
    calculated how close the dutch political parties are according to the kieswijzer.
    summarized some math here.
    calculated how close the dutch political parties are according to the kieswijzer. here is more info on how I calculated this.
    added some links about swf/flash
    put some disassemblers I wrote in the past online, here.

    ascii tv broadcast

    I am trying to put together a package to service tv signals in ascii (using aatv and aalib).
    some notes on how to solve a least squares problem
    made a page to decode egroups or yahoogroups 'protect id' endoding. usefull if you need someones email adress from a yahoo groups posting.
    here some notes an code on using the ibutton keys.
    I wrote a patch for apache, to allow easier browsing of sites which normally expect the 'http-referer' field to point to some portal site. see this page

    girotel online

    I wrote some perl code to automatically download account information from girotel online
    here you can find my research on the Pinnacle PCTV Pro v2.1 card.
    here some notes on the ackerman function.
    here some notes on how to efficiently iterate though possible primes.
    made some old code available online

    novell stuff

    • dmpnds.c dump NDS - internal NDS file structure
    • nlm.c dump NLM - internal NLM file structure
    • rcon.c decode the Rconsole password from network packets
    • nvpw.c how the novell bindery password encryption works
    • I made some contributions to The Netware Hack FAQ by Simple Nomad

    microsoft stuff

    other software

    • crc.c calculate bytes to adjust CRC to a preferred value
    • gtdes.c how the girotel login procedure works (see this project
    • cisco.c how cisco encodes its password in configuration files
    • rsa.c a 32 bit RSA implementation, (just to see how it works)
    • html.c a small tool to extract HTML tags from a html file.
    • various perl utils

    girotel online

    Recent development: the postbank introduced girotel online To find out how it works look at here

    teletext datacasting

    I looked at some of the data transmitted in the teletext signal from most channels I receive on my cable connection.
    My findings on the 196-algorithm (digit reversal sums)

    n-dimensional world view

    I attempt to get better insight into higher dimensional worlds by building an eye that can look into one.
    1. here is a simple applet demonstrating a really elemtary view of a square
    2. I am going to thing of a way to generate all the known regular shapes
    I summarized some math here, about volumes, algebra, geometry, polytopes, calculating square root, and solving equations.
    some notes about regulate shapes here
    I have a niece!
    note about distances

    girotel protocol

    Girotel is a (pre-internet) online banking system in the netherlands. published reverse engineered girotel protocol online. See my girotel project page

    old idea list

    misc idea/todo list

    (aka stuff todo sometime before I die)

    other interrests

    old projects

    Netware Bindery data format

    this is the format of the Netware 2.x and 3.x bindery files (SYS:SYSTEM/NET$xxx.SYS)

    Novells NCP protocol

    very brief description of the netware NCP protocol, more detailed information is available in ralph browns interrupt list
    (I started out with a list I found in some DrDobbs a while ago)

    universal test program

    this program can be used to test a lot of things,
    1. the functioning of your keyboard
    2. the capability of your operating system to execute programs
    3. the ability of your eyes to respond to the fotons produced in the fosfor layer of your CRT
    4. the proper handling of machine language instructions by your processor
    5. to test if your compiler is in fact a C compiler


    misc ancient msdos assembly programs

    demon dialer support

    this is a small TSR which can dial a number present under the cursor on you screen, using the demon dialer (by hacktic)
    dmn.zip and phoneutl.zip and

    interrupt logger

    this is a tsr that monitors all msdos interrupts + some useful information

    some other stuff

    my implementation of 'LIFE'

    life, the well known 'game' by J.H.Conway, kicked off the science of cellular automata

    misc math

    my hardware history

    perl one liners

    convert data from netbios packet to name
    perl -e 'print pack("H*", join("", map { sprintf("%x", ord($_)-65) } split //, "FHEPFCELEHFCEPFFFACACA"));'