Some scripts to automatically do stuff on orkut. These scripts try to do things really slow and easy, in order not to overload orkut's servers. An attempt is made to make the behaviour of these script mimic that of normal browsing behaviour with mozilla. Some differences are still there: the order of the headers in the HTTP request is different, perl-libwww sends a 'TE' ( transfer-encoding ) header with each HTTP request, and the order of the parameters to requests may be different. No images are ever requested, and Currently No HTTP keep-alive is used.

I should have a look at WWW::Mechanize.
Perl module with several functions for getting information from orkut: These function keep a local cache in a subdirectory named 'cache', which must be created in advance. If nescesary they will login to orkut, with username and password specified in a file named '.orkutrc' in the directory pointed to by either $HOME or $USERPROFILE. ( $USERPROFILE for win32 users ). The script is not yet robust against orkut server failures.
Perl module to provide an easy interface to LWP::UserAgent. Used by
Perl script listing least and most popular communities over all categories
Perl script getting member counts for all countries
Perl script getting friendslists for specified list of ids
Perl script to combine the orkut stats with the internet stats.
Old perl script to calculate orkut stats / population
Script to print the per country membercount
Perl module to access internetstats.txt.
File used by
Perl module to access percountry.txt.
File used by

what happens if you do too many requests

first you get redirected to:
with the note:

Your orkut account has been unusually active recently. Before continuing, you will need to validate that you are not using an automated system which violations of the Community Standards outlined at

after which you have to answer a captcha, before your account is reactivated again: