Certain sites exist which are only accessable when entered through the right portal site. this can cause inconvienience when for instance you want to bookmark this site. When you try to load the bookmark to quickly access the information needed, without wanting to follow a lengthy, and possibly hard to remember path through the portal, you are often redirected back tothe portal.

when clicking through the portal, you are usually invisibiy redirected to another site, usually hidden somewhere within a frameset, as not to reveal the URL which is really used. this hidden site checks whether you entered it through the portal by checking the HTTP Referer header.

You can easily assist your browser in simulation entry via the right portal, by using this patched version of mod_headers from apache 1.3.19. (or just the patch)

how to use

1. configure your apache server as a proxy server

<IfModule mode_proxy.c>
	ProxyRequests On
	AllowConnect 1
	<Directory proxy:*>
		Order deny,allow
		Deny from all
		Allow from 192.168
		Allow from

		Header setif Referer http://*|
The line Deny from all is necesary to disallow people from the evil outside world to violate your private ip addresses space via this proxy.

The line Allow from is necesary to allow you to access the proxy server if it is running on the same machine you are using for browsing.

The line Header setif Referer ... tells the apache proxy to check if the target URL of the current request matches http://* and if it matches, set the Referer header to the value after the vertical bar '|'

2. configure your browser to use your apache server a its proxy