this is about me.

My name is Willem Jan Hengeveld, or as most people call me just 'willem'. I am also known as 'itsme', the alias I started using on the rebelbox, utopia, paranoid's clinic and several other hacker bbs's in the early 90s.
My physical characteristics are: I am about 182 cm or 6 feet tall. My body temperature is somewhere between 36 and 37 degrees celcius. I weigh about 90 kg, have sort of blue eyes, sort of blonde hair.
I live in delft, the netherlands.
together with my girlfriend sabine, correction: with my wife, we got married 2006-05-05.
august 12th 2006 our son jan was born :)
I spend most of my time playing (I don't mean gaming) with computers, programming, and figuring out stuff. And fortunately people pay me to do this. I am generally interested in how things work, people, technical stuff, the universe. I usually go out in the weekends, meet friends at local bars, or parties. I don't watch tv. I speak dutch, english, german, and a little bit of french. I usually go on holiday 2-3 times a year, snowboarding in the winter, unknown destinations at other times. I've travelled to just about everywhere in europe, except finland, ireland, bosnia, macedonia, kroatia, russia and lithuania, cyprus, malta. Currently actively working on in delft I often hang out in wolbodo, and go to the koornbeurs every once in a while. ( if the waiting line at the door is not too long. ) I studied mathematics for a while. before becoming a full time programmer.

My father bart and mom still live in schoonhoven where I grew up. My sister Annechien lives in zoeterwoude with paul, (or maybe here) her husband, and my niece loes and nephew niels.

all my friends, acquaintances and relatives
I do not write down my opinions of all these people, some are very good friends, some vague acquaintances, some I have not seen in years. I think my personal relationship with people is constantly changing, and writing it down will just be a momentary reflection of my state of mind. and I will probably forget people too.

you can email me at

Where I worked and studied:

1967-11-22 01:30born in the elisabeth ziekenhuis aan de hooigracht 15, in leiden
19721974kindergarten in hazerswoude
1974-081975-05one year primary school in hazerswoude at JPF Steyaert
1975-051980-06five years primary school in schoonhoven at 'de noordster'
1980-081986-06six years high-school on de drie waarden
1985-061985-06worked a few days a week in the shipping department at pfizer rotterdam
1986-061986-06worked a few days a week for pfizer, rotterdam
1986-08-151986-09-06worked a few days a week in a bread factory 'steenland' in gouda
1987-071987-08worked a few days a week in the shipping department at pfizer rotterdam
1986-091994-08too many years studying mathematics at the technical university in delft
1990-04-151993-04-31worked as student assistent at the university
1993-05-011996-09worked as software developer at artefact on these projects
1996-10-011997-11-30worked as system operator at internoc (domain is now ex-employee messageboard)
1998-01-012000-09worked as software developer at epona on these projects
2000-112003-01worked as software developer at discan on these projects
2003-02NOWworking as software developer at nah6 on this project
I am good at finding my way through undocumented code, reverse engineering stuff. finding security holes. structuring code such that it is easily understood by other people.



Currently I am working on implementing a secure phone on a wince powered pda-phone. development is mostly in C++, with some parts ARM assembly.
collegues are: marcel, barry, rop, thijmen, volker, frank, andy


At discan I developed tools and libraries in vbscript, and perl to maintain and setup document archiving systems.

collegues were: marcel, jan paul, inez, lisa, oleg, mohamed, sander, mark, aryo, curtis, joost, jos, guillermo, klaas, patricia, willem, emile, moona, frank, rob, bartjaap, menso, rene, jessica, henk, reinier, raymond, jos, jan, ....


At epona I worked on several projects, which I do not all remember. The programming language of choice was delphi at epona, and a homebuilt library, whose architecture was based on the Next Framework, as today can be found as the foundation of MaxOSX development. I also assisted in other projects, such as the presentation installer and narcis.

collegues were: peter, armand, henk, paul jan, max, fulco, derk,


This unfortunately turned out to be mainly a way for the owners to make money out of the stockmarket. Our real work consisted mostly of putting up shows for shareholders. I spent most of my time playing around, and doing nothing, I quit after I got fed up with that. I did teach my self java during this time, and got to know aix, and cisco's.

collegues were: milko, frank, yvonne, maria, mietzel, marco, ronald, olaf, ludo, peter, kenneth, frank, rolf, jan janssen, chris, dave, monique, ....


here I worked on even more projects I don't remember. oa:

collegues were: henk, fons, ludo, peter, kenneth, frank, bas, fred, arjan, dick, carla, eric, olaf, ...

other projects I contributed to


list of many roadtrips I made during my holidays
70's and 80'smany vacations with family to france
1987with parents, KP, annechien and annabel to avignon
1988-07britrail with old highschool friends JP and KP
1989-10university sponsered trip, with math and computerscience students driving around scandinavia, visiting plants and universities
1991interrail, started travelling with gijs, but mostly travelled alone, met simmone in paris.
1992In a packed toyota corolla, with fons, mark and jeroen, drove to poland, then south through cz, sl, hu, rm, bu and tr until instanbul, to greece, pausing for a week on the blacksea coast in sozopol, then back to holland through yugoslavia
1993-07In a even more packed mitsubishi colt, with jacco, mark and jeroen, sort of same direction as last year, but different route, and target is now our favorite sozopol
1994-07spent 2 weeks in budapest partying with jeroen
1996-02visit mark in switserland
1996-06one week in prague with erik, gordon and rene
1996-12 (?)long weekend in neuchatel with ? at mark's place
1997-04-03 (?)long weekend in stockholm, with gordon and erik, visiting elly
1997-05-13 (?)long weekend in neuchatel, with ? visiting mark
1997again sozopol, this time in a dogde w200 - nicknamed 'dr.bibber', with erik, toby and nielszzz. there I met marianna
1997-12 (?)after a walk down a skipiste (due to lack of skiing skills), visit prague, with erik and toby
1998-02 (?)visit mark in switserland
1998-07-06 - 1998-07-26in the same dodge, and a pickup-style converted citroen acadiane - nicknamed supercow, to portugal, this time with toby, nielszzz, erik and rindert
1999-01snowboarding near vrchlabi in the czech replublic with (?) rene, erik, toby, niels, rindert, henk,
1999 summerwith supercow to the 2-cv worldmeeting in greece, with toby, junior, and stefan. there we met angelika, jip, anneloes.
2000-01again snowboarding near vrchlabi
2001-02again snowboarding near vrchlabi, with lotte, stefan, toby, angelika, silke, erik, jeroen, pieter greg, dj, gordon sotiris pyrrhos
2001-07to berlin to the loveparade with lotte, stefan and merten, then to austria to the 2-cv worldmeeting, in seeboden, where toby, dj and angelika already were, after that a short trip to italy, grado, with toby and angelika
2002-02skying in val-thorens, with guillermo, pieter and erik. unfortunately I got sick with high fever and a lung infection
2002-08one week trip with inez, driving around france and spain
2003 wintersnowboarding in lungau austria, with rene, erik, darja, toby, angelika, myronne, ...
2003-06trip to estonia and latvia, with inez, visiting jeroen who moved there.
my first time in an airplane
travelled around also with rene, pieter, mark, dulci, hp, mike, niels, rindert, wouter, lyanne, resii
2003-08CCC camp near berlin, and failed ( due to car problem ) attempt to drive to warsaw
2003-12visit to toby in vienna with junior
2004-02snowboarding in spindleruv mlyn, with nielszzz, lotte, stefan and gordon
2004-02celebrating carnaval in maastricht, with debbie, niels, lotte, stefan, annica, and greg.
1 - 2004-08-14visiting toby and angelika in vienna and gars, and to budapest/sziget, with toby, olaf and junior.
2004-10-01 - 2004-10-03with toby, jeroen, pieter, erik visited the oktoberfesten in munich
2004-11-05 - 2004-11-15visiting sabine in tirol :), and after that visited toby and angelika in vienna.
2004-12-11 - 2004-12-17wintersport in saas-fee, with niels, sabine.
2004-12-30 - 2005-01-05visit jeroen in talinn, with sabine.
2005-02-05 - 2005-02-13snowboarding with sabine, toby and angelika in seefeld, and other places.
2005-05-14 - 2005-05-18visit sabine's family in landeck, with sabine.
2005-09-16 - 2005-09-24with sabine to south of france.
2005-12-22 - 2005-12-26visiting sabine's family in landeck for christmas.
2006-04-06 - 2006-04-11flying to landeck for final wedding preparations.
2006-05-01 - 2006-05-17we got married :) in landeck, 5-5-2006.

hacking events

this is an incomplete list.
1990-08-31hacktic beachparty
1990-12ccc congress in hamburg
1991-12ccc congress in hamburg
1992-12ccc congress in hamburg
1993-12ccc congress in hamburg
I went hitchhiking there, together with henk
1994-07hacktic beachparty
1994-12ccc congress in berlin
1995-08hacktic beachparty
1997-03-21 (?)to cebit, with ?
1997-08hip in the flevopolder, with henk and patrick
1998-03-27 (?)to cebit, with ?
2000-12ccc congress in berlin, with raymond
2001-08hal on the univeristy of twente campus
2002-12ccc congress in berlin
2003-08ccc camp near berlin
2003-12ccc congress in berlin, with rop and barry
2004-12ccc congress in berlin, with sabine
2005-07what the hack
2005-12ccc congress in berlin

where I lived

1967-111975-05hazerswounde, bilderdijkstraat 52
1975-051987-02schoonhoven, linnaeushof 15
1987-02-101987-04-10delft, rolandholstlaan 318, 9th floor
this street is now called e.du.perronlaan
1987-04-101987-05-11pijnacker, delftsestraatweg 4
with many other people, none of whom I remember.
1987-05-121987-11-01delft, jacoba van beierenlaan 51 'de krakeelhof'
I lived there with 18 people( which I don't all remember ), oa. jos, arie, rene, elisa, johan, mic, ...
1987-11-011988-09-18denhaag , assendelftstraat 32
1988-09-181995-02delft, vanderwaalsweg 39 'de gimmieshelter' blok 2 onder ( this home no longer exists, the new university library was built on top of it. )
I lived there with oa. erik, jan, anne, jurrie, ruud, maurice, christien, floor, syamaun, douh, peter, marco, belaid, gert, diana, bernard,
1995-032006-08here in delft
2006-08NOWmoving to pijnacker

my personal computer carreer

1981-06pet 2001
1984-10-12commodore 64
1988-12'zero' pc-xt
90..93various other 8086's and 286's
1995pentium 75
1997?pentium-II 233
1999dual celeron 366
2002pentium-IV 2000
2002apple ibook 600
2003ibm laptop
2005retired my p75 firewall, and replaced it with a linksys router.
2005bought a nslu2 usb disk server
2003-NOWmany pda's / smartphones, all for research purposes
in the 80s I used to visit PBE (pet benelux exchange) and vcgn (vereniging commodore gebruikers nederland) and other commodore computer owner meetings, mostly in dordrecht and rijswijk.

other events

1985-11-19approved for military service, but fortunately due to my year already being full, I did not need to actually go
1988-06got my drivers license
early 90sactive with hacktic magazine
1991-08became active as volunteer at nobel/staminee as bartender, doorman
1991-09participated in delft and dutch programming contests
1992/1993secretary of board of nobel, with fons, jurrie, jeroen, ferry, ramsey, peter,
2000-08became member of people/student club 'wolbodo
2001(?)finance person of board of wolbodo

memorable places

parties/concerts I went to

as You can see, I don't remember what I did before 1987, and after 1994 I stopped writing stuff down in my agenda around that time.

1985-04-20frankie goed to hollywood
1986-06-10simple minds
1987-02-04frankie goed to hollywood + berlin
1987-05-07 duran duran
1987-06-20 prince
1988-06-29bruce springsteen
1989-07-09to pink floyd with oa. ruud
first time I got stoned
1990-03-23IO feest
1990-05-25Bouwkunde feest
1991-04-12IO feest
1991-08-01monsters of rock
1991-09-01ac/dc + metallica
1992-04-24bouwkunde feest with kirsti
1992-09-17black sabbath + testament
1992-11-21prof.everts feest
1992-12-02sonic youth
1993-05-29to dynamo + pinkpop with eelco
1993-11-20p.e.laan feest
1994-04-15IO feest
1994-05dynamo/pinkpop ( I don't remember which I went to )
1995-06worked backstage at pinkpop with fons
1996-2002went to pinkpop every year
1997-05-20 (?)pinkpop
1998-05-18 (?)pinkpop
1998-06-28graspop, with toby
2001pinkpop with lotte, jeroen, niels, gordon, angelika, toby, ...
2002pinkpop with niels, gordon, femke, lotte, stefan, inez, marco, gul, toby, angelika, ...
1996-2002went to parkpop almost every year
1999-06-20heideroosjes+belgian asociality concert in tivoli utrecht with saskia and femke
2001-04-27went to teknival near marigny/france with aryo and diego
terraserver img
2001-07-14goa party in westduinpark + parkpop, with nico and toby
2001-08-25teknival near moerdijk, with lotte and stefan.
2002-09robodock with toby
2003-06werchter with lotte
2003-11-06muse with lotte
2004 summerwaldrock
2004-07-01 - 2004-07-04werchter lotte, eva, ruud (and many people from baarle nassau.)
2004-08-04 - 2004-08-11the sziget festival in budapest/hungary, with ruud, martien, erik, kati, angelika, toby, olaf and junior.
2004-09robodock, with lotte, stefan and eva
2005-06-18fields of rock, with niels and sabine
2005-11-26flatfeest professor everts

Music I like includes: muse, slayer, queens of the stoneage, nirvana, radiohead, neil young, moby, underworld, iron maiden, blacksabbath, foo fighters
this is a list of all the LP's that I have. ( someday I will probably also make a list of my CD's, and music I have on my PC )

movies I liked

and many more.

books I liked