instead of centralized friend network apps like orkut, friendster, 6-degrees.
it may be a better idea to standarize the personal profile thing ( using something like )
and have a client app manage this.
there may also be google-style profile-search/matching engines.
services provided:
  • for each class of non-public information, a key is generated, and the information is stored encrypted with that key in your profile.
  • these keys are stored in key-files, which in turn are encrypted with keys given out to those who get access.
  • when you accept a friend, your client sends a 'friend-cookie' to your friend, with this cookie your friend can decrypt 'friend-only' information from your profile.
  • the cookie decrypts a file, specific to this friend, which contains keys to decrypt various bits of profile information. this way you can control what part of your profile each friend can see. for instance, you may not want your parents to know about your appreciation of certain drugs. and maybe you want to have an attribute for friends 'had-sex-with' which you don't want anyone to be able to see, just for your own reference.
  • the cookie also contains a friend-of-friend cookie, which your friend may publish to his friends.
  • If you revoke a friendship relation, you may want to generate new keys for all your protected information bits. and regenerate all friend-key-lists.
  • if you want your profile to be indexed and matchable by a dating engine, your subscribing to this engine involves generating a cookie for that engine. - allowing you to specify exactly what you want or don't want it to match on. and maybe you want the sexchart to automatically index you. something like this:
    or nepot

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