distributed software development tools

source code management

several distributed SCM systems:

bug tracking

distrubited issue/bug tracking systems:
licenseticket database invcswritten inwebclibatchcreatorlocmost recent versionsrcurlhome
bugseverywhere gplv2 .be subdir bzr, arch python yes yes ? Aaron Bentley 5581 2008-11-24 srcurl home
cil gplv3 text files in 'issues' directory any? perl no yes ? Andrew Chilton, ea. 3086 0.5.1, 2008-10-09 srcurl home
dbug ? yaml files in subdir of vcs root git? python no yes no Yann Ramin and Jey Kottalam 430 0.0.1, 2008-05-16 srcurl home
distract bsd Distract.* branches in monotone repository monotone haskell json?? ? ? Matthew Sackman 3038 0.2.5, 2007-08-07 srcurl home
ditrack bsd svn python yes yes ? Vlad Skvortsov 7247 0.8, 2008-06-29 srcurl home
ditz gplv3 yaml files in .ditz sub dir of vcs root any ruby static generated html yes no William Morgan 5183 0.5 / 2008-08-20 srcurl home
fossil gplv2 fossil fossil c yes yes ? D. Richard Hipp 151698 2009-05-09 srcurl home
git-case ? .git/case/, and 'cases' branch git bash no yes yes bartman 950 2008-07-08 srcurl home
git-issues bsd 'issues' branch of git repository git python no yes yes John Wiegley 1721 0.3, 2008-09-12 srcurl home
ikiwiki mostly gplv2 (mixed) git, darcs, bzr, svn, monotone, mercurial, tla any perl yes no no Joey Hess 19553 3.11, 2009-05-05 srcurl home
sd mit prophet p2p database git, more? perl no yes yes syncwithus/bestpractical 9458 0.01, 2009-05-08 srcurl home
stick ? sqlite3 db file 'cache.db' in root any? lua no yes ? thomas harning 474 0.0.0, 2008-08-19 srcurl home
ticgit mit 'ticgit' branch of git repository git ruby yes yes no? Scott Chacon 1264 0.3.6 2008-05-10 srcurl home