Author: Willem Hengeveld
Date: Tue Dec 4 01:26:56 CET 2001

streaming ascii tv

this package takes the output of 'aatv' and stream compressed ascii-tv signal to its clients.

aatv in turn uses v4l (in the linux kernel) and aalib

software that does something related to multicasting/multiplexing of data streams.

but none of these could take the output of one program and stream it compressed to various independent clients.

so I started out with this project

how to use

how to configure

configuration is currently done by modifying the source.

package contents

files in package: (download here)

text version of this file.
wrapper for /usr/bin/compress
this gives a better realtime streaming performance than gzip or zlib * maybe if I do per-frame compression, and use 'flush' it will work with zlib too.
wrapper for aatv command
main program
wrapper for client socket, handles compression
v0.0 version, does not support multiple clients
changes I made to aatv-0.2
[patch generated using 'diff -wurN origversion newversion']


first version (20011204) can be found here

unsolved problems

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